we use video to connect brains

We believe video is the best way to bring your ideas into somebody else's mind

from big companies to small startups to individuals...


...let me ask you: would you buy a beautiful car with a broken engine? Of course not! Sure it looks good, but it won't take you anywhere!
Yet, most online videos take pride on their visuals but ignore the fact that the actual communication is done on the copywrite. So... yes, most online videos are cars with broken engines.
It doesn't matter if everyone in your office thinks your video looks beautiful if your audience doesn't engage and respond to it!


A good video doesn't just get people to know your idea, it gets people to act!
Wanna make a video about the environment? Let's make them save energy!
Wanna make a video to build your brand? Let's make them check out your website!
What about a sales video? Let's make them click the buy button!
Or you just want to explain a concept? Don't just explain, make them think about it!
Do more than just illustrate your ideas. With the use of mental triggers, hooks and other advanced copywriting technics we can build a communication piece that will get people engaged and desiring for more.


  • The Best Quality on the Market

    Don’t let all this talk about copywrite fool you: we DO care about quality!
    We can deliver you video in anything from FullHD to 4K quality, everything recorded in Cinema Grade Cameras (yes, the same they use to shoot movies and TV Series).
    4K makes your video future-proof and bumps you up on Youtube search results!

  • Experienced Professional

    If you want to make a video it’s very likely that I did something similar before.

  • Attract the right people

    I’ve spent the last 4 years bringing my clients videos to the top of YouTube and Google searches and teaching my students how to do that. That’s called Video SEO and it’s the best long-term way to attract people who are interested in your topic without spending tons of money with traffic.

  • Always on time delivery!

    Do you need it done fast? No problem!
    Depending on the type of video you need and my availability, your material can be recorded and delivered on the same day with the same great quality.

  • Availability

    No secretaries, no waiting! When I’m making your video, you get direct access to me at any time of the day. I believe that this is of major importance for the creative process behind your video.

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

Ivan's experience and creative involvement in the development of our promotional video was very helpful! His input provided simple but effective actions which, in the end, increased our conversion.

Leon Tonnaer
Leon Tonnaer Saving Energy Battle

It was great working with Ivan. We did a series of nice street interviews for various big clients. Ivan works professionally, hands on and knows how to shoot video. On top of that, he is a great editor. Highly recommended!

Wim Glas
Wim Glas glastekst.nl

Since 2009 Ivan Oliveira has excellently performed multiple assignments for me, top quality! He works quickly and well, a professional with passion and with concern for a perfect result.
Communication with him is efficient and his price-quality ratio is highly competitive.

Martie Rihkof
Martie Rihkof Singer

Ivan has translated my ambitions for a new job into an online video.
In my job hunting campaign the video helped me to stand out.
Result: more interview requests than I could handle and the perfect job in two months.

Daan Vaneker
Daan Vaneker Administratie.net

Finding Ivan was of major importance to my business. For every investment I made in video the returns were at least 10 times more.
Just do whatever Ivan tells you to, it has been working for me for a long time!

Hugo Rocha
Hugo Rocha ProLeiloes.com


Here's what you get when you choose  to make a video with me:

  • A story that will engage your audience

    A good story line is what differentiate good and bad videos. I will the right story that will make it easy for your clients and prospects to connect with you.

  • The best possible quality with top of the line equipment

    I use only high quality, field proven, equipment to always guarantee the best quality while maintaining the efficiency at it’s highest. You will get the best looking video without sacrificing your own time.

  • Advice from an Internet Marketing and SEO Specialist

    You can rely on my years of experience creating videos that SELL, for the internet and for TV.
    Your video will be sure to rank better on Google and YouTube and to be seen more times.

  • The Results you want

    You are not creating a video just for the fun of it, are you? You need your video to generate results, be it engagement, sales, branding… Your video will be custom tailored to match your need and get the results (much bigger than) you expect.


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